Getting Started.

I know this probably isn’t the best introduction there’s ever been, but it’s the honest truth, at first I thought the idea of starting a blog was stupid.

So the obvious question is, then why even start one? Well, here is the situation that helped me change my mind:

Right now I’m a graduate student, working on my doctorate of physical therapy. The program is a lot of fun, but unfortunately it eats up a huge chunk of time. Looking ahead to my fall semester I’ll be in class until around 5:30pm each day. That is a major problem, because that means I won’t be able to make it to football practice.

I love football. I love to watch it, to read about it, to talk about it,  and to tweet about it (except most of the time I’ll be honest – I regret the tweets. My inner fan takes over and I end up tweeting without thinking, a recipe for disaster). What I most love about football, though, is coaching it. I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to coach this great game at the youth and high school levels for the past 8 seasons. The men I’ve coached with have been tremendous teachers, helping me grow in my knowledge of the game. Not only that, but I’ve learned how coaching extends beyond the x’s and o’s on Friday nights or Saturday mornings. Serving as a mentor, leader, and positive role model is my favorite part about coaching, and if you’re a coach reading this my guess is you feel the same way.

Coaching football is what I’m most passionate about. I’d rather coach than do anything else. But with my school schedule the way it is I’m stuck in a position where I can’t really be involved in real, hands-on coaching day in and day out. Basically this is where the blog comes in.
The whole purpose of this blog is to serve as a platform where I can give some thoughts about football. My hope is that it is an interesting read for a casual fan, and a helpful resource for any coach. This blog is essentially my way of remaining actively involved in what I love, mostly through breaking down some film, but I’ll throw in some opinions here and there. I don’t have all the answers, I won’t always get things right, and I’m not the most skilled writer or journalist. So, I definitely welcome feedback on how to make this better for everyone.  Right now I’m not sure what it will ultimately end up looking like. My preliminary plan is to break down one marquee game per week in the fall. I’ll do my best to analyze what a particular team’s offense is doing in order to have success. But first, I thought I would start with some analysis from various spring games and give a preview looking ahead at the 2016 season for each team I discuss. I thought this would be a good trial where I could learn what I want this to eventually become. I’ll begin with a look at a team with one of my favorite offensive systems, the Auburn Tigers.

-Coach Burlage

Twitter: @AustinBurlage41